Why Make-Up And Acne Don't Mix And How To Fix That

Many ladies and a few guys love to wear make-up. Unfortunately, in your teens and early twenties and again in your mid- to late forties, make-up and acne-prone skin do not mix. This proves to be a very big problem for people who love to wear make-up and feel they cannot because of their acne. Here is why make-up and acne do not mix and how you can treat your acne so that you can wear as much make-up as you want.

Make-up Clogs Pores and Causes Infections

Acne is the direct result of too much oil and dirt filling your pores and causing an infection. These little infections in your pores present themselves as whiteheads and pimples, while black heads are just dirt and an overabundance of sebaceous substances. When you use make-up, the make-up gets into your pores and contributes to the development of whiteheads and pimples. The acne almost seems to spread across your face then, but it is not the acne spreading. It is your pores clogged down with make-up. To make matters worse, many people use foundation as a cover-up for whiteheads and pimples, making these two types of acne even worse.

How to Fix the Problem So You Can Wear Make-up

You could swear off make-up, but some people have a very difficult time with that because they really love make-up. Some people also think that cold creams and make-up removers or rubbing alcohol will solve the problem, but it does not. Cold creams tend to add grease to the situation, make-up removers always leave a little make-up behind, and rubbing alcohol strips away so much of the skin's natural oils that your skin produces more oil to nurture and soften your skin.

Here is what you can do for your skin instead:

  • Clean out your pores completely and regularly. Your dermatologist can advise you and prescribe skin cleaners just for your skin type and pore size. When the pores are really small, less dirt and make-up can get into them and you experience less acne.
  • Use only light, water-based make-up on the acne-prone areas of your face. No oil in your make-up means less oil troubling your skin.
  • When acne resurfaces in your forties, try microdermabrasion. This cosmetic procedure changes the surface of your skin, tightens pores and may even close pores altogether.

Now you are free to enjoy make-up with less acne.