Should You Add Face Oils Into Your Daily Skincare Routine?

Face oils provide a variety of benefits to the skin. However, you need to fully understand the benefits and effects of face oils before you add them to your skincare regimen. There are many face oil products on the market, but you need to know which ones offer the best benefits for your complexion. Here is what you need to know:

What Do Face Oils Do for Your Skin?

When you use a quality face oil, your skin will begin to exhibit healing properties. Oils help provide a barrier from impurities that can get into your skin. Face oils also offer healthy antioxidants to help clear your skin and help it glow. In addition, face oils can help reduce redness and irritation.

Which Face Oils Are Best?

When you go to a beauty store or your favorite drug store to search for face oils for your skincare, you will probably notice many products labeled as face oils. Traditionally, many face oils have been made with mineral oil, which is a refined product. Mineral oil, while acceptable, does not offer you the same benefits as botanical face oils.

As you search for face oil, try to find one that contains a natural botanical oil or a blend of botanical oils. Some examples of botanical oils include argan oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, chia seed oil, or marula oil. Read the labels, and look for products that are organic and cold-pressed.

How Should You Use Face Oils?

There are a few ways you can add face oils into your skincare regimen. You can apply the face oils directly to your skin. Simply place a few drops of the oil into your hand and gently massage it into your face. You can also mix a few drops of face oil into your daily moisturizer. You should aim to apply face oils once or twice a day for the best results.

Should You Try a Face Oil?

Face oil is beneficial for all types of skin, even oily skin. Face oils are especially great for those who suffer from dry skin and tightness. If you use a prescription skin product and you deal with redness and flaking, face oil can help protect the delicate skin and keep it healthy and moisturized. Those who are older and trying to reduce lines and wrinkles can also greatly benefit from using face oils daily.

If you are thinking about adding face oils into your daily skincare routine, speak to your dermatologist to find out which products would best benefit your skin type.