3 Natural Ways To Soothe Skin Burns After A Waxing Session

Waxing is a commonly used hair removal treatment because it pulls the hair out of the follicle. This allows the waxed areas to remain hair free for weeks. However, waxing comes with its own set of risks. Depending on the thickness and temperature of the wax used, a waxing session can result in burns to the skin. As a result, the burns will often result in an enormous amount of pain and discomfort.

8 Natural Ways To Treat Pregnancy Acne

Although there are many wonderful things that have happen to your body during pregnancy, acne is not one of them. With the surge in hormones that occurs, pregnancy acne can have you feeling like a pimply-faced teenage again. What you use to control the acne is important to the health of your baby. To clear up the acne without harming your baby, here are some natural ways to get rid of it.

Acne-Killing Clay Mask: This Homemade Solution May Work For You

Acne, as you know, is more than just a passing phase. Acne can leave emotional scars due to embarrassment. And it could also leave acne scars on your face if your problem is severe. Talking to your dermatologist like one from Dermatology Associates about your acne is imperative. But, you can start your treatment at home right now with the following simple, safe and natural acne-killing mask. Eww, Acne Acne is a skin condition that usually affects teenagers hitting puberty.

3 Reasons To See A Dermatologist

A dermatologist is a great resource for anyone suffering from just about any kind of skin condition. Three reasons to see a dermatologist are for cosmetic issues, acne, and skin cancer. Cosmetic Issues Visiting your local dermatologist is a great way to get a variety of cosmetic skin treatments. For example, a dermatologist can help you deal with unsightly scars and wrinkles. In most cases, the dermatologist will only deal with acne-related scarring and raised scars.